Ballet Assessments

La Beaute Ballet FINAL Assessment timetable (Sunday, 25 June 2017)

All students MUST arrive 30mins beforehand, so you are prepared & we can keep on schedule.

La Beaute Examiner = Mrs Tracey Wright

Pre Primary - Group A
12:30pm 1:00 PM 1:20 PM
Pre Primary - Group B 12:55pm 1:25 PM 1:45 PM
Primary - Group A 1:20pm 1:50 PM 2:10 PM
Primary - Group B 1:45pm 2:15 PM 2:35 PM
   Afternoon Tea   2:40 PM 2:55 PM
Primary - Group C 2:30pm 3:00 PM 3:20 PM
Primary - Group D 2:55pm 3:25 PM 3:45 PM
BBO Grade 1 - 5 levels   TBA (September)
TBA (September)
BBO Advanced level   TBA (September) TBA (September)


MOCK Assessment timetable (Saturday, 10 June 2017).

Mock assessments & exams are compulsory & hugely beneficial to rehearse the examination protocol (see below) & ensure polished, fast & smooth examination day. The mock exam will simulate exam day & dancers receive no assistance from their teachers. Feedback is provided on their knowledge of exercises & where/how to stand throughout (which requires no talking & best behaviour).

All students MUST arrive 15mins beforehand, so you are prepared & we can keep on schedule.

Please meet in studio 2. We will need a parent helper for each group to attach numbers & help prepare dancers so we stay to the time schedule below. You will see your teacher only briefly before the start time below.

 LevelMock Assessment Start timeMock Assessment End time
Pre Primary - Group A
1:00 PM 1:20PM
Pre Primary - Group B 1:25 PM 1:45PM
Primary - Group A 1:50 PM 2:10PM
Primary - Group B 2:15 PM 2:35 PM
   Afternoon Tea

Primary - Group C 3:00 PM 3:20 PM
Primary - Group D 3:25 PM 3:45 PM
BBO Grade 1-5 TBA (September) TBA (September)
BBO Advanced TBA (September) TBA (September)


Uniform & grooming

Girls Dress: Regulation BBO chloe dress for Pre Primary & Primary levels. Navy leotard for Grades 1-5 girls.  Black leotard for Intermediate Foundation +  Practise skirts are not to be worn during assessments

Girls footwear: clean pink shoes with elastics & SOCKS for Pre Primary & Primary levels. Pink shoes with elastics & pink TIGHTS for Grade 1&2. Pink shoes with ribbons & pink tights for Grade 3+

Boys : Navy or black tights, white leotard, white socks, black shoes

Hair: Must be secured off face. Girls to wear a high bun (no wispy bits). A ribbon for your hair will be supplied on exam day.

A number will be supplied for each candidate to wear. This will be pinned on the front & back of dress or leotard.

Here is an example of girls hair for the exam. High bun prefered. No wispy bits & lots of hairspray!!! Please ensure you have hair pins, bun nets and hair ties in advance of weekend before exam - as there is often limited supply in Wanaka! IF YOU NEED HELP WITH BUNS - please sing out !!!

Hair in bun

Theory questions

Download copy ofBBO theory questions here.  This document includes Grade 1 to 5, so just print off the page specific to your grade.

Assessment protocols

Candidate Preparation:

  • HAIR = must be well groomed, neat, secured back and off face.  No wispy bits – please use lots of hairspray and grips! Fringes are acceptable but must be clear of the eyes.
  • No jewellery is allowed (including watches & stud earings).
  • Any underwear worn should not be seen from beneath dress or leotard.
  • All hair must be well groomed, neat and secure with no wispy bits – please use lots of hairspray and hair pins!
  • Candidates will wear numbers on the front & back of their dress/leotard.

Examination room:

  • Candidates must enter the room briskly, stand in their positions and greet the examiner - "Good morning or Good afternoon Miss Derby" 
  • Transitions to starting positions should be made quickly & silently
  • Students may ask a question by raising their hand
  • Students must be able to count themselves in with the music
  • If a candidate does not conduct themselves in the appropriate manner during an examination, the examiner has the right to instruct the candidate to leave the room
  • MEDICATION = inhalers & medical requirements are permitted in the examination room 
  • A box of tissues will be available in the examination room for candidates with winter colds
  • Fluids & towels = water bottles, knee pads and towels are permitted in the examination room for students Intermediate Foundation upwards
  • Bathroom = students should use the bathroom before entering the examination room NOT during examination
  • Mirrors and windows will all be covered
  • The examiner will be seated at a table in the front of the room