Hip Hop


Hip Hop is a street style of dance, that is full of rhythm, co-ordination & loads of fun! It is a more relaxed & mature style of dance with loads of 'flava'. Classes start from 6 years as requires more body strength to achieve the strong/sharp movements.

We are a registered Urban Ignition studio, which is a fresh syllabus well known throughout Australasia. The syllabus provides a technical base in hip hop with a strong style element and room for creative solo and crew choreography.

Technical amalgamations incorporate arm and foot combinations, travels and turns, isolations, tutting and floorwork.  Freestyle and crew choreography are incorporated to allow freedom of ideas.

Urban Ignition Hip Hop is set to today's freshest music.

CURRENT CREWS AGE (guideline only)
6&7 years
Two 8&9 years
Three  10 years
Four 11&12 years
Five 13&14 years.  Exper required
15+ years.  Experience required


Crews 1 to 3

  • DW tee (supplied for events)
  • Black CWP07 (¾ leg) baggy pants
  • Black socks (for events only)
  • Clean shoes
  • Hair MUST be tied back
  • No school uniforms permitted
Danccers wear casual tee/singlet in weekly classes.
DW tees & singlets are supplied for events.

Crews 4 to 6

  • DW sleeveless & hooded singlet
  • Black long leg harem pants
  • Black socks (for events only)
  • Clean shoes
  • Hair MUST be tied back (ie pony tail)


EXAMINATIONS & ASSESSMENTS: we encourage students to work towards exams in the first 6 months to focus on development of technique. In the later part of the year, crews work towards the annual recital where dancers perform on stage.