Jazz is a snappy modern style & fun for dance enthusiasts of all ages (starting 5+ years).

We are a registered dance studio of Jazz Addict, which is an exciting & stimulating syllabus. 

Classical technique, jazz arms, floorwork, isolations, travelling progressions, turns and leaps form the foundation exercises of our jazz classes. We learn dances in styles of commercial jazz, musical theatre & lyrical.

Students are supported and encouraged to choreograph their own work from a young age.  This starts with improvisation & free dance, and later student choreography opportunities.

Our students work towards assessments/exams mid year & then have the opportuntity to dance in 2 stage performances each year. 


Beginner to Elementary 2

  • DW red strappy-t singlet
  • Black 3/4 fitted leggings
  • Black jazz shoes (black ballet flats permitted for 5&6yr olds).
  • Hair tied back off face (bun or french plait for events)

 Elementary 3+

  • DW black X-back singlet
  • Black X-back crop top
  • Black 3/4 fitted leggings
  • Black hotpants (optional during summer)
  • Black jazz shoes
  • Hair tied back off face (bun or french plait for events)

ASSESSMENTS: we encourage students to work towards assessments in the first 6 months to focus on development of technique. In the later part of the year, crews work towards the annual recital where dancers perform on stage.