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MOCK ASSESSMENTS (15 June, 2019)

Mock exams are compulsory & hugely beneficial to rehearse assessment protocols (below) & ensure polished, fast & smooth examinations. Dancers receive written feedback on their knowledge of work, performance & dress standard.

All students MUST arrive 15-30mins beforehand ready to go, so you are prepared & we can keep on schedule.  See schedule below

Hair needs to be worn in a bun or in a french plait.  Hairspray is required so no wispy bits.  See Assessment Protocols below for uniform requirements.

Junior 3 Elizabeth, Luke, Hannah H, Olive, Hannah G Sat 15 June 11am 11:15-11:55am Anna



Junior 3 Elizabeth, Luke, Hannah H, Olive, Hannah G Fri 28 June 8:30am 9-9:40am Miss Olivia Tennett


Assessment protocols

Candidate Preparation:

  • DRESS = Dance Wanaka singlet (new red/black singlet with DW logo); black 3/4 leggings
  • SHOES = must be worn by all students 
  • HAIR = must be well groomed, neat, secured back and off face. Bun or french braid is required. No wispy bits – please use lots of hairspray and grips! Fringes are acceptable but must be clear of the eyes. Students Int 1 upwards must have their hair french plaited or in a bun - so secure for turns.
  • No jewellery (incl watches), nail polish, stick on tattoos please.
  • Any underwear worn should not be seen from beneath uniform (incl bra straps).  Black crop tops can be purchased from shop.
  • Candidates will wear numbers on the front & back of their singlet.
  • light make up is permitted for senior students only (not compulsory) 

Examination room:

  • Candidates must enter the room briskly, stand in their positions and greet the examiner - "Good morning or Good afternoon (examiners name here) "
  • Transitions to starting positions should be made quickly & silently
  • Students may ask a question by raising their hand
  • Students may be expected to present travelling steps, amalgamations and dances in groups of 2 or three (or possibly individually from Intermediate levels)
  • Students must be able to count themselves in with the music.  the examiner or teacher may assist with Primary Jazz 1 students if this is not possible
  • Candidates must move back to the centre of the room at the completion of the examination for a bow to thank the examiner
  • If a candidate does not conduct themselves in the appropriate manner during an examination, the examiner has the right to instruct the candidate to leave the room
  • MEDICATION = inhalers & medical requirements are permitted in the examination room 
  • A box of tissues will be available in the examination room for candidates with winter colds
  • Fluids & towels = water bottles, knee pads and towels are permitted in the examination room for students Elementary & upwards
  • Bathroom = students should use the bathroom before entering the examination room & preferably not while the examination is in progress.  This creates time delays.
  • Mirrors and windows will all be covered
  • The examiner will be sitting at a table in the front of the room

Assessment results

Those sitting under full examination criteria receive results based on the following marks:

50-55.5 = Pass

66-75.5 = Commended

76-85.5 = Highly Commended

86-94 = Honours

95-100 = Honours with Distinction

Those stting under Assessment or Medal Test criteria are marked based on the following marks. There is more weighting on performance and style.  Applies to candidates who are sitting an Assessment for the first time or under special circumstances only.

50-59.5 = Bronze

60-79.5 = Silver

80-100 = Gold