Rehearsal schedule

Updated 13 November, 2018

Normal classes Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st November.  No Sparkles classes on Friday 23rd or Sat 24th to reserve energy!

Costume & Parent Helper lists can be viewed here

THURSDAY 23rd Nov 2018 - Stage Rehearsal

Parents please drop off your children in the foyer 10mins early & be ready to dance at the scheduled times. 

Auditorium must remain ABSOLUTELY QUIET. No audience including parents/friends/siblings

This is the dancers only opportunity to practise on stage before the dress rehearsal. It's extremely important that dancers familiarise themselves with entry/exit on to stage & spacing on the stage.  Please leave as soon as you have finished your dances so the auditorium can remain quiet.  No costumes are required (with exception of Sparkles dancers). 

Time Class Item Teacher Scene
3:00pm Preschool, Alice & White rabbit Meadow scene - Butterflies, Flowers, Bunnies & Fairies Anna MEADOW SCENE
3:20pm Pre Primary & Beginner Ballet Living Flowers Anna MEADOW SCENE
3:30pm above groups Run meadow scene all together Anna MEADOW SCENE
3:40pm Primary ballet Cupcakes Anna TEA PARTY
3:50pm Beginner Jazz Mice Bridget TEA PARTY
4:00pm Primary Jazz Bugs Bridget LIVING GARDEN
4:10pm Junior 2 Squirrels Briony LIVING GARDEN
4:20pm Elementary 3 Time is Ticking Briony LIVING GARDEN
4:30pm Crew 1 Frogs Emilie LIVING GARDEN
4:40pm Junior 1 & Jaimee Cheshire Cats Cecilia LIVING GARDEN
4:50pm Grade 2 Roses Briony PALACE GARDENS
5:00pm Crew 4 Garden Cards Emilie PALACE GARDENS
5:10pm Crew 2 Royal Guards Jaimee PALACE GARDENS
5:20pm Crew 2b The Execution Holly PALACE GARDENS
5:30pm Grade 1 Royal Children Briony PALACE GARDENS
5:40pm Interm Foundation Hearts in Waiting Briony PALACE GARDENS
5:50pm Grade 4 Flamingos Anna PALACE GARDENS
6pm Acro Jesters Anna PALACE GARDENS
6:10pm Junior 3 Happy Unbirthday Anna TEA PARTY
6:20pm Elementary 2 Where the Freaks At Briony TEA PARTY
6:30pm Tap/Musical Theatre Hot Chocolate Anna TEA PARTY
6:40pm Grade 3 & 5 Tea & Coffee Briony TEA PARTY
6:50pm Crew 3 Corridor of Doors Holly WONDERLAND
7pm Elementary 1 Welcome to Wonderland Anna WONDERLAND
7:10pm Junior Contemporary  We're all mad here Anna WONDERLAND
7:20pm Intermediate 1 jazz Pool of Tears Anna WONDERLAND
7:30pm Senior Contemporary Down the Rabbit Hole Anna WONDERLAND
7:40pm Crew 5 Caterpillar Amy Living Garden
7:50pm Interm 2 & Advanced Jazz Welcome to the Tea Party Riki TEA PARTY
8pm Crew 6, Cece & Laura Tic Toc / Cards Fall Amy/Anna PALACE GARDENS
8:10pm Duo Tweedle Dee & Dum Amy WONDERLAND
8:20pm Solists Laura, Cece, Holly Anna/Riki  

FRIDAY 23rd Nov 2018 - Dress Rehearsal

No audience allowed.  Only rostered parent helpers back stage please

All costumes must stay backstage & cannot leave the LWC.  All must stay until final bow calls. 

3:30pm All dancers & helpers in auditorium for briefing
3:40pm  Dancers to dressing rooms to get into costumes

Dress rehearsal begins

6:30pm Estimated finish time

SATURDAY 24th Nov 2018 - Recital Day

Only rostered parent helpers back stage please

There will be a live video feed backstage, so dancers can watch action on stage from Armstrong room.

All costumes must stay backstage & cannot leave the LWC.


  Photos on stage - timetable tbc
2:30pm All dancers backstage to dress. Arrive with hair done & stage make up applied already (best to do at home).
3:00pm Matinee show begins
5:00pm Estimated finish of matinee
6:30pm All dancers backstage to dress
7:00pm Evening show begins
9:00pm Estimated finish