Studios reopened

Posted by Anna Thomas on May 18, 2020

ALL classes from 18 May resume back at the Wanaka & Cromwell studios.

The Wanaka studio reopened last Thursday afternoon to many delighted dancers.  While online classes were fun and very novel, it was truly so special to see our dancers moving together again, seeing one another in person and enjoying social interaction.  
We quickly learned that social distancing is very normal when dancing at the studio.  We already have good spatial awareness, and have learned to provide "dancers space" between each other, so we can easily move our long arms & legs. Barres have spacers or ribbons, and we will have more floor mats for younger dancers to easily space apart from each other.

The Presbyterian Hall is open for Thursday & Saturday lessons also

Term 2 STUDIO Timetable 
Please double check your class start/end times on the updated STUDIO timetable published online.   Most classes will return to longer class lengths.

COVID Protocols


  • Please drop/pick up your dancer from the carpark promptly on time.
  • The waiting room is closed to visitors.
  • Parents/caregivers who enter the studio to assist young children must sign the Contact Tracing Register at the entrance door.  1-2m social distance must be observed.


  • Sanitise your hands on entry/exit to the studio 
  • Arrive dressed for class
  • Dancers will not congregate in the waiting room & should arrive/depart promptly on time dressed ready for class.
  • Enrolled dancers do not need to fill in the Contact Tracing Register as attendance is taken in class.
  • Unwell dancers must stay at home until you are well enough to return to class. 48hours no symptoms apply. This includes visitors & family members.
  • Make sure you are eating nourishing food, staying hydrated and getting sufficient rest

Full covid safety info here

Online classes will only resume is we move back to Alert Level 3, or if we have Snow Days where roads are closed.

Take care & stay well everyone.

LOVE In Dance,

from the team at DANCE WANAKA