Studio remains open

Posted by Anna Thomas on March 21, 2020

What a week we've had! The team at Dance Wanaka are keeping a close eye on Covid-19 government health guidelines in efforts to help keep our dance families & community safe.

Dance classes will run as normal for the rest of Term 1 unless - the Covid-19 government alert status goes to Level 3, if local schools close, or if our staff become unwell.

Please be assured that there are well under 100 people on premise at one time. Staff have access to hand sanitizer only (now liquid gold in Wanaka) and will use accordingly in classes where dancers touch surfaces (i.e. barres)

We can all play our part in limiting the spread of the virus, by taking personal responsibility for our health and acting accordingly to respect the members of our community who may be higher risk. 

What can you do?
  • Wash your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds and dry thoroughly.
  • Please be considerate - If you are feeling unwell, stay at home until you are well enough to return to class.  Visitors & family members unwell should not enter the studios.
  • Make sure you are eating nourishing food, and getting sufficient rest
  • Stay hydrated
What are we doing?
  •        increased cleaning of high touch surfaces, bathrooms & barres
  • Paper towels will be used in bathrooms (not hand towels)
  • Hand sanitizer will be used by dancers using barres
  • Safe distance practice will be used as best possible
  • No partner work
  • No “body touch” teaching correction policy will be used by staff
  • Reduced use of props in class, which are cleaned after use.
  • Acro & stretch class programmes have been adjusted (classes to be notified)
What if the studio needs to close?

We intend to keep our studios a safe space for you and our community.

If we have to close our physical doors in the near future, we are looking at options to open our virtual doors to ensure continued learning.  This will no doubt be an exciting adventure with dance class in your living room after a day of doing school work at home. 

We will continue to plan ahead for Term 2 events – and give our dancers focus and some positive outlet amongst these turbulent times.

Keep dancing

As a dancer you are already helping to boost your immunity by improving the circulation of your lymphatic system, so please continue to come to class as normal when healthy enough to do so.  We encourage you to keep up your strength, flexibility & knowledge of your work. 

Being away from the studio when you have cold symptoms does not mean missing out on learning, we urge you to keep practicing at home. You can use Movitae & APDA Studio Zone for home assist learning.

Keep yourself well informed from reliable sources such as the NZ Ministry of Health    

Take care of yourself, and each other. 

From Anna & the Team at Dance Wanaka