Dancers receive top tuition

Posted by on July 25, 2016

Dance Wanaka students pointed their toes, twirled & leaped with over 180 other dancers from around New Zealand this school holidays.  

Ten dancers, aged 8-14 years, danced for five intensive days at British Ballet Organisation’s Dance Days winter school in Christchurch.  This is an annual event that attracts 200 dancers, provides scholarship opportunities and an appreciation of professional dancers daily lives.  

The event attracted dancers from Invercargill to Auckland, and included international tutors from Sydney, Japan, Spain & New Zealand. 

Dance Wanaka Studio Director, Anna Thomas, said the dancers loved every minute of it. 

“They enjoyed meeting new friends from many other dance schools, who all share a similar passion for their dance”. 

"It’s so lovely to see our dancers who often dance in small groups, join many other similarly aged dancers.  The tuition was fantastic, with the finale gala event such a highlight”.

The girls took five classes daily in disciplines of Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre & Contemporary styles.

Dancers received medals for performing in the National Theatre Awards which included dancing solo items to a panel of judges. A celebration medal was also awarded to commemorate British Ballet Organisation’s 80th anniversary year.

Attendees included Zoe Frazer, Tru Bowie, Cecilia Gardner, Persia Thor Poet, Laura Neale, Sophie Walsh, Tayla Doran, Lindsay Lambert, Elizabeth Pell, Grace Thomas & Anna Thomas