Classical ballet is the basis for most dance styles. It teaches the strong foundation and terminology that is needed by all dancers. Ballet lessons provide valuable skills in posture, balance, co-ordination, musicality and creativity. 

Our teachers are trained, licensed & registered teachers of BBO dance & La Beaute syllabus.  

Beginner Ballet – this is a pretty introductory class to ballet.  Ideal for those dancers who have been attending Sparkles for 18mths & wanting more progression.  Includes Classical music, props such as scarves, feathers, musical instruments & buttefly wings.

Pre Primary & Primary – these classes are specially designed for 5-7yr olds and incorporate the beginnings of sound ballet technique with lots of interesting stimulating exercises.  Dancers work towards La Beaute assessments mid years where they receive achievemnet certificates & ribbons.

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Grade 1 to Advanced – We are registered teachers of BBO dance which is an internationally recognised syllabus & training which gradually builds sound ballet technique whilst encouraging a love of music and dance. The syllabus has been carefully designed to suit the young beginner right through to the pre-professional and professional dancer.

Classical Technique – for teens who are late starters to ballet or wanting to improve their jazz technique. To strengthen their footwork, leaps extensions & turns. These classes are taught in Terms 3&4 

Adult Ballet – for Adults who have had some experience before (or a long time ago) who want to get fit, tone up, improve balance in an artistic way.



LEARN TO SEW & TIE BALLET SHOES: click here for instructions on our FAQ page